Infocorp strengthens its operations in Mexico

NEO LATAM | July 21, 2021

With an investment of USD 1,000,000 in R&D planned for this year, the digital banking specialist expands its local operation in order to contribute to the Mexican financial market with technological solutions that accelerate digital transformation.

Infocorp, the leading manufacturer of software solutions for digital banking in Latin America that implements omnichannel platforms among other services, has announced that it is extending its operations in Mexico to provide its solutions to the banking industry and thus contribute to accelerating the digital transformation process.

“We have decided to strengthen our presence in Mexico to provide the market with closer contact and increase our ability to develop effective partnerships that quickly demonstrate the value we can bring to financial institutions”,

“To this end, we have added new specialized resources to our local team, with recognized experience in banking advisory processes”.

Ana Inés Echavarren, Infocorp CEO

Infocorp’s strengths are based on its commitment to innovation and agile methodologies to go to market and evolve in a flexible manner. Digital banking is a horizon with clear goals, but one that requires great adaptive sensitivity, as those goals are continuously challenged and reformulated with greater stringency by actors that influence the public’s expectations and behavior through everyday experiences.

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