ABC of fintechs, what financial services do they offer in the market?

Mi Bolsillo | Mexico|

In recent months, the need for banking or financial services without leaving home has skyrocketed, which is where online banking comes to the user’s rescue.

Mi Bolsillo| Mexico: 

When it comes to financial services, both banks and other institutions have developed more options for users, often at their own initiative and sometimes because of market needs. In the last year, this process was accelerated because people found the possibility of leaving home very limited. And so, the use of applications to make transactions such as online purchases, credit card payments, bill payments, or money transfers between savings accounts, all online, has increased.

Faced with such a scenario, entities such as fintechs have catapulted to improve the conditions of these services. In an interview with Héctor Deambrosi, Latam Head of Sales at Infocorp, we explain the ABC of these new services that have arrived to offer a space that many traditional banking clients are looking for.

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