Digital wallets: which are most widely used in Argentina and what benefits each one offers

pago digital

iProUP Finances 4.0 | July 13, 2021

The pandemic exponentially boosted electronic payments. In this context, digital wallets became a high-demand tool for users looking for a single app to access bank accounts, cards, and the ability to transfer funds in a more agile way.

As an example, and to illustrate the impact on the sector, the data provided to iProUP by Coelsa, one of the payment clearing companies, is more than eloquent: the use of these apps grew 2,000% in the last two years.

«Electronic wallets offer the possibility of making financial transactions, whether or not you have a bank account», Francisco Chaves del Valle, Institutional Relations Manager of the BKR wallet, defines to iProUP.

According to Chaves del Valle, «these apps allow you to receive and send money, pay for services, recharge cell phones, set up group funds with your contacts, request technical assistance, and make cash withdrawals at ATMs».

Within the universe of wallets available, there are endless possibilities and varieties. Whether from a fintech or traditional #bank, each one has functionalities that distinguish it.

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