What is it?

SEA is not support; it means walking alongside customers so that they can solve problems, but above all, it means being close to them, on the lookout for new needs and proactively making proposals on how and when to take the next step, to always anticipate our customers’ customers’ demands.

The mission?

Helping our customers in the financial sector to meet their business objectives, boosting the evolution of their IC-Banking platform in an agile and secure way, with the best user experience, through an excellent customer service.

This team, made up of specialists in the evolution and correction of solutions, aims to carry out activities that make it possible for software solutions developed according to business needs to be kept functional and updated.

Not only are SEA specialists qualified in the different technologies on which maintained solutions are built, but also they have specific technical/functional knowledge in such Customer solutions, which is essential in a large project, with code releases in different phases and taking changes into account with a global vision and in context.


The SEA area works subject to Service level agreement with predefined timings for each stage.

3rd Level Support

The SEA area is also in charge of providing third-level support.

Support levels required
1st Level
  • Customer Help Desk
  • Final User Service
2nd Level
  • Technical Specialists
  • Customer Support at 1st level
  • Customer Administration and ICB Operation
  • Infocorp delivery certification
3rd Level
  • 2nd Level Remote Support
  • ICB platform customer evolution
3rd Level Support