Personal Banking

A new way of being digital, providing personalized experiences to your customers, accompanying them wherever they are and opening up a new range of possibilities for them.

It’s all about experience

Regardless of how or where customers interact using digital channels, for them, the Bank will always be one. Offer a dynamic experience from any device or channel, adapting to the strengths of each one and the customer journey of each customer.

In the world of Personal Banking, Conversational Banking is becoming the first customer service front, as it is able to resolve many questions and queries quickly and efficiently without any long waits for the service of a Bank agent. Not only that, but it also facilitates transactions such as balance inquiries, maturities, and even payments and transfers without having to download an App and occupy more space on your mobile phone.

Banca Personas

Our chatbot is fast and easy to implement, it can be ready in 2 weeks, and allows the Bank to provide a service that has its own AI engine and a proven and specialized NLP in financial institutions that already have mapped more than the 90% of users’ intentions. This ensures not only operating cost savings, but also the power to provide users with a good experience, without learning curves.

It is not one solution, but thousands of solutions. All managed from a single platform

It means talking to each customer one to one, but doing it simultaneously with everyone.

It means generating new businesses, making it easy for each person to perform the transaction they need.

Going to the Bank has never been so easy, so comfortable, so simple, so fast, so safe.

The foundation of a mobile first world

Mobile banking prepared for customers who want the App to be their channel to operate in the Bank. And for those who don’t want this, also.

  • A new 100% Native App
  • A seamless experience that adapts to user behaviors
  • A dashboard that offers a new personalized experience, focused on the characteristics of the user and their relationship with the Bank.
  • A Digital Tool Kit with plug & play capabilities that will allow the imagination of your Bank’s innovation team to fly
  • Differentiation capabilities in branding and value proposition
  • 100% digital funnel for account opening
  • State-of-the-art identification Touch ID, biometrics

One to one communication

By means of our automated marketing platform specialized in financial services, your Bank will be able to transform its sales capacity from macro-segmented to micro-segmented campaigns. Empower the Bank team by giving it the possibility to go from handling 10 campaigns per month to 150 with a tool that automates most of the repetitive tasks, so time is dedicated to the value of the offer and not to the work of segmentation and delivery on multiple channels. It’s never been easier to explore niches, customize, make mistakes, and try again to drive the best performing campaigns.

Onboarding Digital & Account Opening

With the Onboarding and Account Opening module, the Bank can accompany new customers in a 100% digital process by offering a careful and personalized enrollment in Digital Banking. This module allows the Bank to offer a process that includes identity confirmation, document scanning and digital signature, making life easier for customers, as well as a personalized welcome process, taking care of every step of the customer journey.

Make a Difference

Our solutions stand out for being tested and implemented in multiple Banks, as well as being comprehensive and offering the Bank the possibility of customization in both, functionalities and identity, that make it possible for the Bank to generate a winning differentiator. And all with an aggressive time-to-market.

A fluent experience
adapted to the user’s behavior

We are creating a new user-centric experience that
evolves based on behavioral patterns


Catch our product’s innovation train

Continuously provide improvements and news for your customers on a recurring basis, both through our Software Evolution Area (SEA) that allows development tailored to the needs of your business, as well as incorporating the annual innovations of our product that arise based on our experience and knowledge of the needs of banks in the region.

Open Bank Ecosystems

New Open Api connectivity layer to generate new business models and an ecosystem with new products and services that respond to customer demands and allow your Bank to make a difference.