IC Banking Suite brings access to complements, integrations and services to expand bank´s potential.

It works as a Hub of add ins options,consolidated in one single platform. This simplifies and speeds up procurement processes of the banks when they need additional services. IC Banking operates then as a technological orchestrator.

All services are audited and proven by Infocorp  having its endorsement.
They strengthen and boost IC Banking Omnichannel Platform potential, driving into more businesses and profit for the financial institution.

Get to know them


Hikko articulates strategic technology and creativity to provide services, products and ideas to scale organizations. It arises from the merger between Nimacloud and Nerv: two organizations with complementary capabilities and a shared vision. The result is 10 years of precise execution together with 10 years of innovation and creativity. Is a Salesforce partner that will allow you to scale your business, teams and systems through Strategy and Execution. It also designs world-class automated customer service products.


Prisma Campaigns

Prisma Campaigns leverages your data to send personalized, omnichannel marketing campaigns that boost loyalty and share of wallet.

Vu Security

VU security es a multinational company focus on fraud prevention and protection.
Its mission is providing safe and seamless digital experiences to improve users lives.



Jumio is an online company dedicated to mobile payments and identity verification, that offers validation products, cards and IDs scanning for web and mobile transactions.


Open Bank platform: is the company behind the Open Bank Project: the leading open-source API solution for financial institutions.