IC Web Banking

The evolution of a personalized Web Banking
channel adapted to Personal Banking, SMEs and Companies.

Web responsive & Touch First

Responsive experience adapted to different devices, and meticulously designed to optimize the touch experience according to the characteristics of each one.

100% functionalities

The web channel provides 100% of the functionalities on all devices, so that the customer can operate from wherever they are.


High customization capacity and brand image generation opportunities through a catalog that supports selecting and generating a bank identification in design and colors, as well as tone of voice.


Each customer and segment has different interests and needs, that is why the smart composition of our web channel’s dashboard is one of the solution’s differentiators. This makes it a sales enhancer for the Bank, personalizing communications based on insights and leveraging customer knowledge with a tailored product offering.

Strong market position

Not all customers settle for the same view of information. Our web channel allows you to offer services from a consolidated position for each customer profile, and it also supports different types of views and groupings in accordance with customers’ preferences.

Unattended processes

Asynchronous and parallel operation that allows your customers to execute several processes at the same time avoiding delays and crashes in the application.


A wide range of self-managed customer options, providing independence and optimizing Bank costs by not requiring Back-office efforts.

  • User management
  • User permits management
  • Approval schemes
  • Maximum limits per transaction
  • Payroll
  • Suppliers
  • Subscriptions for service payments
  • Warning Systems

A modern website,
with a personalized dashboard.

Each customer can manage all transactions with their bank
in an agile, efficient and friendly way.

Dynamic requests and independence

Boost the sale of new products and add value to your customers in an agile way through form generation from our Back-office. With these forms, the Bank can immediately implement new product requests, limit increases or loss notices, among others, without the need for intervention by the IT team.

Multi-subsidiary & Multi-regional

Our Web Banking channel can be implemented by Banks with multiple subsidiaries, as well as by Banks looking for a regional solution.

Products & Services

  • Individual and joint accounts
  • Instant transfers between individual accounts
  • Internal Bank transfers
  • Transfers to other banks
  • Transfers Abroad
  • Branch transfers
  • ATM transfers
  • One-step multiple transfers
  • Cash advances
  • Cardless withdrawals
  • Credit line disbursements
  • Manual and list-based payroll payments
  • Manual and payroll list payments
  • Service payments
  • My favorite transactions
  • Personal Finance Management

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