IC Smart Platform

The ingenuity behind the Digital Bank.

Why is much more than a banking platform?

IC Smart Platform is a single platform that connects across all channels to orchestrate a 100% unified, frictionless user experience.


Information is key, which is why IC Smart Platform has a set of developed capabilities that enable it to integrate into a wide range of systems. We absorb the inefficiencies that the financial institution may have to provide the best possible service to its customers.

Security & Identity

We centralize user identification, including different forms of authentication and authorization for simple and complex scenarios. In this way, we ensure compliance with all the scenarios and segments that financial institutions require.

Data Intelligence

We simplify the complex. This capability refers to the analysis of complex data and the way the information is presented, to help financial institutions understand their customers, the use of their channels and ultimately make business decisions based on authentic information.

xCelent Awards

xCelent Awards

In January 2023 we have been distinguished at the 2023 excellent International Edition Awards, which is focused on the analysis of Digital Bank Platforms. In the report the researchers highlighted:
“Infocorp, is a digital banking vendor in Latin America (the only one in the International Edition). Its IC Smart Platform is a digital omnichannel platform that supports both consumer, small business, and corporate customers. Infocorp is a leader in serving the Latin American market”.


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