IC Onboarding & Origination

Customer acquisition and digitization, just one click away.

Boost digital sales and provide a personalized enrollment experience to your Digital Banking or in the acquisition of new products / services, through multichannel campaigns with a call-to-action that launches the digital registration process:

  • Document capture & Identity Confirmation
  • Data Confirmation
  • Credit profile check
  • Electronic signature and digital contract
  • Account opening in digital channels
  • Activation of campaigns that guide the customer through a personalized experience in relation to the Bank and the new product / service they hired

Our platform will also allow:

  • Going along with the client throughout the channels welcome journey
  • Accessing to benefits and promotions offered by the bank to the client
  • Carrying out inbound and outbound marketing campaigns
  • Segmenting and personalizing communications in real time
  • Triggering automated event-trigger and re-targeting campaigns
  • Prioritizing campaigns and messages based on Machine Learning
  • Integrating Bank’s social networks and digital channels
  • Managing the process from lead generation to customer conversion
  • Analyzing the information in real time

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