IC Marketing Automation

A genuine omnichannel Marketing Automation tool, entirely designed for the financial sector.

Most Banks are concerned with providing a good experience to both their current and new customers, but they are not fully prepared and need to develop capabilities to provide large scale personalization. That is why having a marketing automation tool is essential, and if it is also specialized in the needs of financial institutions, the results are undoubtedly optimal.

Prisma Campaings Manager

Through our platform, the Bank will be able to transform its sales capacity and to personalize its message through micro-segmented campaigns. You can manage mutiple campaigns with a tool that automates most of the repetitive tasks and frees up team time to focus on offer value and to have relevant conversations with customers.

IC Marketing Automation will make it possible for the Bank to manage:

  • Inbound and outbound campaigns through the most relevant channels: web, mobile app, online banking, email, push notifications, SMS, etc.
  • Segmented and personalized email and banner campaigns in real time.
  • Campaigns with an event trigger
  • Re-targeting campaigns
  • Automated prioritization of campaigns and messages based on Machine Learning
  • Dynamic content personalization based on customer information and specific offers
  • Integration with social networks and the Bank’s digital channels
  • Comprehensive process management, from lead generation to customer conversion
  • Real-time information analysis

Be relevant to your customers
at all times

That’s the whole point. To speak with a customer you
know and to be present during their important moments.


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