IC Digital Toolkit

An accelerator to achieve the bank’s objectives that require the intervention of the technological sector.

The financial industry still faces the same challenge:

Having digital channels that provide an optimal experience to their customers, with innovative and personalized features, and at the same time technology teams that can never keep up with making it happen, whatever its size.

At this point the dilemma arises: Develop in-house or buy a solution from an external provider?.

Until now, neither of the options was optimal, because in-house development is usually slow and external solutions lack the customization that each Bank wishes to provide, or the flexibility to make changes with the agility that today’s world requires.

Until now.


IC Digital Toolkit comes to improve Time-to-Market of requirements from any bank sector, opening the doors to hybrid innovation.

IC Digital Toolkit enables:

  • Meet the objectives with a minimum learning curve from all areas involved.
  • Cover needs of agile changes due to regulatory requirements, corporate image, or technological evolution among others, in a guided manner.

The product architecture is based on the IC Smart Platform, an omnichannel platform with outstanding components: a technological core with adapters with unlimited integration capabilities and banking processing engines, as well as other value-added capabilities for the financial institution.

What does IC Digital Toolkit include?

  1. Technical components.
  2. Documentation.
  3. Management and development tools.
Continuous Delivery

Continuous Delivery

IC Digital Toolkit not only speeds up the initial construction, but also solves maintenance with frequent updates, optimizing the bank’s investment and enhancing the capabilities of the development and technology team.

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