What is it?

B-fly is a method developed by Infocorp that has the necessary qualities to allow us to fly along with our customers.

An agile and lightweight system that is built  to make changes easily, can stop when adjustments need to be made, and provides innovation.
It helps us achieve our mission: for people to love their banks.

B-fly methodology

Our B-FLY methodology is based on 5 pillars that enable agile and efficient processes and result in satisfied customers and long-lasting relationships.


Let’s fly together

The production, implementation and support process is not separated into watertight compartments. At Infocorp we provide product + service package that results from a strategic vision and a consulting process that leads to live solutions that are permanently optimized and that are as flexible as each customer requires.


We are all a product

We do not differentiate between product and projects: both areas coexist and provide constant feedback to each other. Everyone can suggest and work on improvements, optimizations and new functionalities, either based on team-originated ideas or customer-based demands. The creation of the platform is a completely horizontal and democratic production process which results in an exceptional product..


We are in constant movement

Teams do not take on a project, but rather a project is dealt with in a fluid manner assigning expertise from different people at different times during the project. Because what we prioritize is not processes but results.


We look at the horizon

There is a strategic area that analyzes both technological advances and the global financial ecosystem and provides insights on an ongoing basis, that are later integrated into products. We don’t expect customers to ask for it. We find out what’s in the pipeline and offer it.


We transform ourselves during the journey

At Infocorp we don’t sell products, we sell solutions. That is why we become advisors and consultants before working with customers, as well as during the entire time we are partners (many years). We act swiftly when product adjustments are needed due to changes in regulations or in the context of each country; when new business units are created in the bank or when new products are offered. We do this and perform all the fine-tuning required in record time, because we understand that today, Time to Market is crucial.

Implementation process

Proceso de ejecución

We organize ourselves into three large interconnected areas

Interconnected Areas

Cross-sectional specialized services
that run through all the production lines


It ensures a global quality experience: this area is the eyes of the customer within Infocorp. It reviews the fulfillment of all processes and performs functional tests.


Our specialists interpret customers’ needs and map them to the product’s functions, performing a gap analysis and establishing the new requirements together with customers.


Technical experts define the architecture and technical specifications of new developments and assist with project definitions.


The area that ensures that each user understands what they have to do in an easy and intuitive way, ensuring a pleasant experience for the end user.


It provides basic hardware and software and generates the environments and secure connections with the Bank’s VPN, in line with physical and logical characteristics. This area ensures that access to information is secure.

Data Platform

Data maintenance and analysis. Banking Analytics Generation. They take care of the demands that arise from customers’ environments, in accordance with the evolution of use and transactions and maintaining a line that accompanies this process.


Vulnerability control for systems promoting constant updating. Testing , creation of manual and automated test cases, data bombardment to assess response times.