Helping people LOVE their bank

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Helping people LOVE their bank


Fully focused to understand how technology is evolving to seize the best digital solutions for our clients.

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Each bank is a different world, and we’re conscious that we can only become real partners if we adapt to the processes, needs and technologies they require.

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Time to market

Because speed today is a must, we have Ready-to-go solutions conceived for yesterday.

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Time to market
10 +

Million active users

120 +

Million transactions

20 +

Countries in LATAM and the Caribbean

40 +

Successful deployments

IC Especialización

At Infocorp, we specialize in Digital Banking

Through our suite IC Banking, we provide banks with agile and flexible solutions to help them enhance their customer experience.

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Our Method

We design, implement and develop products in solid connection with customers, understanding that it is the only way to achieve a true impact on their business.


A five-pillar based methodology that allows for a perfect balance between products and customization, and between solidity and evolution.

We are all a product

A horizontal and democratic process without silos, where everyone’s contribution generates exceptional results for each customer.

Liquid projects

Teams are created by assigning expertise at different times during the session. We prioritize talent and results over areas or functions.

Tomorrow is today

We analyze technological advances, the global financial ecosystem and legal issues and proactively propose innovative solutions.

Our method


Review our client’s opinions. Now it’s your turn!

Due to a government decision that required providing a bank account to receive subsidies, we faced the need to open 80,000 accounts in two weeks and 230,000 accounts in the first month. Although we were already working on an online account opening project, from a technical point of view our platform and internal infrastructure were not yet ready to handle those volumes. Our partner, Infocorp, remained agile and made the necessary adjustments so that our internal services could overcome the bottleneck in a short time..

Luis Carlos Motta, Chief Innovation Manager of Banco Agrario

With Infocorp we were able to implement and put into production omnichannel campaigns within a six-week period and with a minimum integration effort; we also multiplied 5x the productivity of the campaign management process.

Juan Pablo Traverso (BCI Bank)

Digital Library

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Corporate Banking

Complete, intelligent and omnichannel solutions for corporate banking.

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Personal Banking

Be where people are and give them what they need. That’s the whole point.

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