At least 7 out of 10 Latin American banks prioritized their digital channels to offer products

“La República”Newspaper of Perú | November 16, 2020 In 25% of banks, it is still not possible to carry out completely online transactions. 38% of banks allow credit or debit card applications and 39% of them allow loan applications. Between August and September, at least 75% of Latin American banks stated that they prioritized their […]

50% of banks in Panama increased investment in technology

“La Prensa” Newspaper of Panama | November 10, 2020 86% of banks in the region stated that the Covid-19 pandemic accelerated their digitalization initiatives; in Panama, 100% of the entities used digital strategies due to the virus, according to the first study on digital banking by Infocorp. Banks in Latin America and the Caribbean responded […]

Only 40% of banks in the region increased their investment in technology during the pandemic

Forbes Argentina Magazine | October 29, 2020 The study sought to identify how satisfied banks are with their digital channels, what number and variety of services they are currently capable of providing in this way, and what strategies they are going to implement in the next 12 months. 86% of banks maintain that the Covid-19 […]

Living in Uruguay: Ivey León

Ivey León is 28, he is Cuban, and came with his partner to Uruguay seeking personal, professional and financial growth. He had heard about Uruguay from friends, from soccer, and because they mentioned Pepe Mujica a lot in Cuban TV. What surprised him the most about Uruguay was the freedom with which people can start […]

Living in Uruguay: Mariamna Oliveira

Mariamna married a Uruguayan man almost 20 years ago, and she never imagined she would end up raising her children in this country, or that she would end up loving “asado” and Carnival. She decided to come in winter, thinking that if she made it through a difficult weather, everything else would be easier. And […]

Infocorp seeks to grow in Latin America

The Uruguayan company was recently acquired by a major Canadian group. Infocorp plans to expand its operations in Latin America, especially in Argentina, Ecuador, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Guatemala, Costa Rica and Panama. The company, which has been growing at a rate of 40% per year, expects to exceed that percentage by 2021. In the […]

Open Banking: you can pay for all your services using a single App

This function could be available to all bank users, which would speed up payments for your services; let us tell you how it works. Can you imagine being able to pay for all your services through the bank’s application? Open Banking would make it possible, since it would be much easier and simpler by means […]

Digital channels are the future of banking

Infocorp is a Uruguayan company that implements omnichannel platforms for digital banking, among other services. It was recently acquired by Constellation Software Inc. (CSI), a Canadian group, with which it seeks to expand to the United States, Canada and Europe. Infocorp currently has more than 50 Latin American banks in its client portfolio. Ana Inés […]

The software industry had a “slight” retraction before the Covid-19 pandemic, although some companies registered an “incredible growth”

Digital transformation “today is a giant steamroller that will go over everything,” said the president of the Chamber of Information Technologies. Although the Covid-19 crisis had a generalized impact, for the software sector, it was not as crippling as it was for other branches of economy, assured the president of the Uruguayan Chamber of Information […]

Technology company Infocorp was bought by a Canadian trillion dollar group

The Uruguayan company Infocorp, whose headquarters are located in Punta Carretas and which implements software solutions for digital banking in Latin American and Caribbean markets, among other services, was acquired by the Canadian group Constellation Software, one of the largest in its country, with more than three trillion dollars of annual turnover. Infocorp’s motto is […]